Top 5 Showstopper Brownies
Top 5 Showstopper Brownies
In the 10 years or so that we’ve been making our delicious, gourmet chocolate brownies we’ve made over 450 products and flavours – that is a WHOLE lot of chocolate. 

Once we started digging around in the archives we realised there is a whole world of weird and wonderful in there as well as a number of mistakes and learnings! So, we’ve decided to share some of our findings over the next few weeks and to start, we wanted to showcase 5 of our most showstopping brownies. 

Let us know if you have tried any of these what you thought!

Number 5

So first up, we've got our Salted Caramel large chocolate brownie rolled around salted caramel. It's gooey, it's fudgy, it's decadent, and to top it all off, it's covered in a really thick layer of chocolate. It was sold as a Christmas special for several years and you couldn’t enough of it as an alternative to the traditional yule log. The thick dark chocolate coating may have tasted great but it meant this was a tricky beast to get into, with the best option being a hot knife to cut slices.

Number 4

Here, we've got our Ambassador's Golden Ball which was made with a single Ferrero Rocher in the centre, surrounded by a crunchy delight made from milk chocolate, Nutella, hazelnut buttercream with crispy wafer bits. This was then coated in our chocolate brownie -  hazelnut flavour, of course, and then finished with more crunchy chocolate then spray gold – it was pretty much 1 kilo of absolute nutty chocolate heaven. 

Number 3

Third place is our chocolate brownie freak cake, sold only in very limited numbers. This is absolutely loaded with three tiers of the most unbelievable deliciousness. Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Ganache, Salted Caramel, Caramel popcorn, Reese's pieces, pretzels, peanut butter, caramel brittle chocolate flakes and more - it's got everything. Served with a firework fountain! 

Number 2

No 2 spot given to our chocolate blondie pizza – yes we know, how can this be a dessert? It's a buttery chocolate blondie base, and it's topped with all manner of delightful things. It's got white chocolate, ruby chocolate, there is liquorice in there, melted marshmallows, different flavours of gummies in there, and of course, it is got shaved white chocolate all over the top, before being dusted in icing sugar.

It is epic!

Number 1

Number 1 has to be one of our wackiest products ever! This is our ‘Full English’ brownie which we sold for a limited time for Father’s Day and National English Breakfast day. It has got everything you might want from an English breakfast, but all in sweet form. There are two fried eggs (fondant with a lovely passion fruit yolk), chocolate and hazelnut rolled into a lovely sausages, chocolate salami black pudding, orange jelly and white chocolate chip ‘baked beans’ and some thin slices of vanilla sponge masquerading as white bread! 

We confess to cheating a bit as it's real bacon there - but don't worry, it's not savoury. It is in fact sweet candied bacon slices dipped in dark chocolate for a massive hit of salty sweet crunch. 

What do you think?

Let us know which one you want to try. And tell us if you've seen any other amazing brownies out there. 

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