To all our amazing fans, followers and fellow brownie baddies...
To all our amazing fans, followers and fellow brownie baddies...
To all our amazing fans, followers and fellow brownie baddies


Did you know that Bad Brownie has been going for over 10 years? We can't quite believe it ourselves. And we've got a couple of announcements we want to share with you, as we head into 2024.

We started the company in 2013 at Venn Street Market in London and since then we've had an absolute blast selling our outrageously delicious brownies at markets across London, music festivals, shopping centres, a kiosk in Canary Wharf and of course online. No matter what we've sold or where, we've always made sure that our brownies were packed with the bad stuff to make them taste so damn good because there's no point treating yourself or others, if it doesn't make you feel great.

In that time, the business has changed a lot to keep up with everything that's been happening in the last decade and the last few years has been the ultimate rollercoaster from the madness that was Covid to the strange post covid world of parliamentary meltdown, wars breaking out across the world, energy prices skyrocketing, ingredient costs spiralling and of course the current cost of living crisis. All in all, it's been a massively tricky time with some exhilarating highs but also lots of stressful uncertainty. So, we've decided to take a bit of time to step out of the hamster wheel to allow us to really clear our heads and think about the best next steps for Bad Brownie. Don't worry, we'll be back - but we want to make sure we're doing it in the best way for us. So, for the moment, we will pause selling our current products online while we lay our plans and then will resume again for Bad Brownie 2.0 as soon as we can - it might be a couple of months before we restart but please bear with us as we'd love for you to continue sharing our journey and exciting new plans! 

The second thing we wanted to share was something that coincidentally dropped through the letterbox just before Christmas when we were preparing to take this break. Take a look at this fancy (and very heavy) award we got given by our ecommerce providers for hitting an incredible milestone - 100,000 orders packed and sent through our website. Looking closely we actually hit this in Sept 2020 so we decided to check what the more up to date total might be including the last 3 the end of 2023 we've actually sent out a mammoth 390,000 orders since we started in 2013. That is just an unbelievable number of brownie fans and is so hard to get our heads around.

It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day running of a busy business but it's moments like this, or reading emails from customers loving our products that allow us to lift our heads out of the water to realise what an incredible journey we're on and just how much fantastic stuff we've achieved in the last decade.

So firstly, a HUGE thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for all the support you've given us over the last 10 years at Bad Brownie - we truly appreciate every single person who has either subscribed to our mailing list, follows us on our socials, or orders treats from us.

Secondly, they say absence makes the hearts grow fonder (and the brownies sweeter) so stick with us for the next part of our journey - we'll be back to business as usual as quickly as we can. Until then, have an awesome new year!

In the meantime, here are some fun facts about Bad Brownie from the last ten years: 

-We've sent out over 390,000 online orders in the last decade

-That's over 6 million brownie bites!

-Which if laid end to end in a line is longer than 2000 football pitches

- Or if stacked on top of each other would be over 3600 times taller than Nelson's column or 20 times the height of Mount Everest

- Is equivalent to the weight of over 100,000 bunny rabbits

- The amount of calories in all those bites (624 millions FYI!) is enough power to make over 23,000 cups of tea..or toast 26,000 slices of toast

- Our brownies have travelled as far afield as Cairns in Australia

- 5 babies have been born to team members 

- We've moved kitchens 5 times, each time getting bigger and bigger

- We successfully pitched on Dragon's Den and got investment from Touker Suleyman

- Our largest corporate order was for 23,000 brownie boxes- We've developed over 500 flavours of chocolate brownie...500!!!

- The best selling flavour has always been salted caramel while our wackiest was probably smoked chocolate flavour brownie with black pepper and popping candy (for Bonfire night)

- We've also created all kinds of shaped and filled brownies from giant salted caramel yule logs, to filled hearts, and tiny bunnies to chocolate brownie pizzas

What a tremendous journey, can't wait to share our next step with you all.


Morag and Paz xxx

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