Top 5 Bad Brownie Flops
Top 5 Bad Brownie Flops
We’ve been whisking up new, delicious and exciting flavours for over 10 years. But, despite our best efforts we’ve made some really awful things.

We’ve blushed many shades of embarrassment from candy pink, all the way through to full beetroot red! Most of our flops you will never see or know about, but these ones slipped through the net and made it out into full public view… here’s a reminder of our favourite top 5 flops.  

Let us know if you remember any of these what you thought!

Number 5

Mojito blondie

We dreamt of a range of cocktail flavoured brownies and a mojito brownie should have been great! With all the best flavours in there – rum, lime and mint that combine really well – what’s not to love? We made all the components and they tasted excellent! Sadly, when we put them all together as a blondie it just tasted nasty! We apologise!

Number 4

Wasabi and beetroot brownie

What can I say… it was our first few months, Paz went on holiday and Morag went rogue. It could have/should have tasted good, but in the end it just tasted of vegetables. We did go on to make a delicious wasabi and toasted coconut marshmallow brownie about a year later. Beetroot, however, never ever again, in fact that’s now in our manifeasto.

Number 3

Mulled Port brownie

Another flavour from the very early days of Bad Brownie. It was a sandwich of layers of dark chocolate brownie with a mulled port jelly filling. It tasted delicious but as the day went on the jelly dissolved and made the bottom layer soggy. Nobody wants a soggy brownie!

Number 2

Love Heart brownies

We LOVE getting creative for Valentine’s day and it’s one of THE most important dates in our calendar. We really went for it with these beauties and even had special packaging made, but sadly the lovely people at Swizzles Matlow pointed out that we were infringing copyright and asked us not use them, so we had to pull them from sale. Big (and expensive) mistake. Huge!

Number 1

Passion Fruit and Coconut Easter Egg

A hand shaped passion fruit and coconut centred easter egg. Blimey! they were sooo delicious, but sadly it was so lumpy and misshapen that we nicknamed it “elephant poo”! 

We learn from our mistakes and prettier, more wow! and generally much better versions followed over the next few years.

What do you think?

Share your baking flops and failures with us. And tell us if you've seen any other amazing flops out there. 

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