About Us

Buy our brownies ONLINE in the UK and at markets around London

We put our amazing gourmet brownies through brownie bootcamp to create the fudgiest, gooiest, tastiest and most decadent brownies we can.

To make them even badder we bake them in super delicious flavours including salted caramel, peanut butter, triple chocolatebacon & maple syrup and more.

These aren't just brownies.  Instead they are brownies with attitude - sexier, meaner, edgier and oh so very bad.

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Bad Brownie are flavour crazy chocolate addicts hell-bent on spreading gourmet brownie love, street by street, home by home, chocoholic by chocoholic.

Founders Paz and Morag met while working together at a branding agency in London and bonded over an obscene number of hot chocolates in the company kitchen. While we were very good at making spreadsheets, our hearts lay elsewhere with all things chocolatey.

Baking in a tiny flat in leafy Richmond, we took our first batches of gourmet brownies to a South London market in Paz's mum's trusty (and rusty) Nissan Micra. The people of Clapham had never seen anything like our Bad Brownies. Within a matter of weeks we had expanded to other markets across London in our mission to educate people that brownies no longer had to be boring squares of average chocolate. 

How things have changed from our spreadsheet days; because these evenings we count choc chips jumping over molten brownie batter in a bid to get some sleep and dream of stainless steel mixing bowls in our sleep.

We are still  completely hands on with our team of chocoholics and are still heavily addicted to brownies using that important excuse of 'quality control'.

Check out the Where to Find Us page at the top, to see which London markets we are currently at. All of our special events and markets are on our facebook and twitter feeds.

Dragon's Den

In 2015 we were asked to appear on Dragon's Den and we decided to say yes and see what happened - after all it was all for show and TV right, no real pressure?


It was terrifying and exhilarating in equal measure and after some auditioning and early starts we took the Dragon's Den lift to face the Dragons. After a gruelling session in there batting questions on all topics from all dragons, we secured investment from fashion and retail expert Touker Suleyman (owner of Ghost and Hawes & Curtis) who was blown away by our brownies. So we entered the den with trepidation and left with a dragon. All in a day's work!

Since the episode was aired in January 2016 we've worked closely with Touker to decide next steps and have had a great time with him. He even got fully stuck in at our market stall in Maltby Street to sell brownies to passing customers!