About Us

We think our brownies are the best in town – in fact in any town we deliver to in the UK. It’s not just us who think so – the Dragons in their Den loved them (read all about it on our blog!), as have thousands of people who’ve visited us at food markets over the years, and our tens of thousands of happy online customers.

We are totally passionate about our handmade brownies. We gave up our day jobs in a branding agency because we believe in these brownies, and we are constantly, relentlessly, whole-heartedly creating, evolving and improving what we bake, to give our fellow brownie-lovers the most luxurious, delicious, chocolatey, delightful products we can.

One of the reasons we feel so proud of our little squares is because of the quality of ingredients we use – only the finest Belgian dark chocolate, the creamiest churned butter, nuts sourced from the finest nut growers.

It’s also about our approach. We believe in generosity of ingredients. It’s not about a token sprinkle on top – if we’re making a peanut butter brownie, it’ll be a better one because it’s not just about token dollops. No! We put crunchy peanut butter in the brownie mix – so you’ll taste it in every single bite. And we take the view that you’ve chosen that particular brownie because you like peanut butter. We like peanut butter, too. So just because we’ve put it in to every bite doesn’t mean that we won’t also give you a little crunchy bonus on top. That’s right! Not only do you get peanut butter throughout the entire brownie, we sprinkle home-made peanut brittle on top, and a drizzle of dark chocolate, just because. Too much is never enough.

We find flavours we love, and then we deconstruct and reconstruct again and again, until we feel we cannot improve. Yes, many of you can make delicious brownies at home. But could you – would you – also make the separate layer of fluffy vanilla sponge? And marmalade? And candied orange that goes into our Jaffa brownie? We salute you if you would but if you don’t have the time or the energy, don’t worry. We think through every extra layer of detail, technique and work so you don’t have to. We put the labour in, to give you the love.

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Paz and Morag on Dragon's Den