Cool Recipes For Hot Days - Brownie Sundae
Cool Recipes For Hot Days - Brownie Sundae
Our take on a classic Sundae, but fruitier and bursting with flavour using our Dark Chocolate Raspberry Brownie 💕Perfect treat in this heat 🥵

Quick, affordable and utterly indulgent - here's a recipe you need to try. It'll only take 10 mins, we promise! 

What you'll need

A box of your fave Bad Brownies (we used our Vegan Dark Chocolate Raspberry)

Vanilla soft scoop ice cream

50g Lindt Raspberry Intense Dark Chocolate

50g Raspberries

Squirty cream

The Method

The Method

Prep time: 10 mins to assemble

1. Chop up your brownies into smaller, bite sized pieces, we used about 5 brownies for this.

2. Grab your fave dessert glass and chuck in a handful of raspberries.

3. Layer the bite sized pieces into the glass, on top of the raspberries.

4. Add a scoop (or 2) of vanilla ice cream

5. Prepare the chocolate drizzle by melting 50g of Lindt Raspberry Intense Dark Chocolate in the microwave. Melt in stages of 30 seconds, stirring each time to ensure the mixture is smooth.

6. Drizzle the chocolate onto the ice cream, and repeat the layering process and finish off with some whipped cream.

7. The most important step, enjoy!

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