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Hello Baddie,

Welcome to Bad Brownie

We put our amazing gourmet brownies through brownie bootcamp to create the fudgiest, gooiest, tastiest and most decadent brownies we can...

Let's Be Baddies

Now that you've tried our brownies why not join the baddie club for a fully immersive Bad Brownie experience.

We promise, no junk in your trunk. Just deliciously dangerous treats, outrageously attractive discounts and exclusive news and offers in your inbox.

Let us know more about you and we will reward you with our gooiest and most chocolatey brownies yet. alongside a welcome 10% offer you can use on your next order!

Want to Find out more about us?

Where it all began...

From appearing on Dragon's Den to relocating our Brownie Kitchen, read the full story of how it all started for our co-founders, Paz and Morag.

Click here for the full story

Our Values / Why Bad Brownie

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