Gluten Free Brownies

The difference between No Gluten and Gluten Free Brownies

One question we are frequently asked is whether or not our brownies are gluten free. The answer is both yes and no. Confused? Let us explain.

No Gluten Ingredients

In a nutshell these products do not contain any ingredients containing gluten in the recipe but that doesn’t mean we are allowed to call the brownies gluten free.

For the record, we take this very seriously and so while other companies may label products gluten free even though they are not supposed to, we try to do the right thing by you, our customers. Read on to find out more.

How are our Brownies No Gluten?

We are proud of the fact all the brownies are hand made in our London kitchen, just like when the company was first started by Paz and Morag in 2013.

Currently, we have a range of products which contain gluten and which contain animal derived products (eggs, butter etc) and these make up the majority of what we make and sell and we all these our regular products. But we also have a range of products which are both vegan and contain no gluten ingredients.

The ingredients used in this range of vegan no gluten products contain no gluten and when we bake them we ensure that we take as many precautions as possible in our kitchen to avoid any cross contamination. Firstly, the gluten free and vegan ingredients are stored in a separate area of the kitchen to avoid any mix ups.

Secondly, the spatulas, whisks, bowls and other small equipment are all stored and sealed in a separate box to make sure they are only used for the vegan and no gluten products. Finally, we try not to bake anything else on the same day so we can thoroughly clean all surfaces before using them to remove traces of gluten.

However, there are three bits of equipment that are shared between all products: the sinks, the mixer and the oven. We do not have space in our kitchen to have duplicates of these three pieces of equipment so we have to use the same equipment for all products, and so, while unlikely, there is a small risk of cross contamination here.

When we say small, we do mean small.

For example, our regular brownies have a crispy wafer top once baked but as our oven is a fan oven, there is a tiny chance that a fleck of regular brownie wafer is sucked into the oven fans one day and then the next day when we make our no gluten product it is blown out and then lands on a no gluten brownie.  It may only be a tiny fleck no more than a millimetre but this tiny amount of contamination means we do not want to say our products are 100% free from gluten (or animal derived product), even though others might. Gluten intolerance can be very serious for some people and so there are strict regulations around calling something gluten free – technically it must be tested and proven to have less than 20 parts per million of gluten and we have never had the tests done.

Hopefully this helps reassure you that we do whatever we can to manage any possible cross contamination and the risks are small enough to be fine for most people but do not recommend them for coeliacs.