Brownie Trimmings - 50% Off

Get £17 worth of our delicious brownie trimmings for only £8.50! We know it sounds too good to be true...but this is no joking matter!

We've been on a mission to reduce food waste as well as finding a way to offer our deliciously decadent brownies at a lower price for anyone wanting maximum flavour with minimum outlay. And now we're delighted to introduce our Brownie Trimmings Box also available in vegan flavours, stuffed with brownie offcuts. Don't worry, these taste just as amazing as our regular brownies, and have the same shelf life (up to 2 weeks!). 

If you're looking to send someone a special gift, we'd definitely recommend our stunningly presented Solo Stars or Mixed Flavour bites boxes available with gift wrapping for all occasions. 

But if you care more about taste than appearance, these are the perfect way to treat yourself in tough times! Order your brownie trimmings box today and have it delivered straight to your door, smug in the knowledge you've bagged an amazing deal.