No Nuts Brownie Box

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25 of our delicious brownie bites in 6 irresistible flavours:

*Brownie Flavours*

  • black forest gateau brownie (Layers of brownie, buttercream, and cherry jelly)
  • strawberry tart brownie (Layers of buttery pastry, chocolate brownie, strawberry jelly and buttercream)
  • banoffee brownie (Buttery biscuit base, banana caramel, banana brownie and fluffy buttercream)
  • s'mores brownie (Crunchy biscuit base with chocolate brownie and chewy marshmallow)
  • triple chocolate (Fudgy dark chocolate brownie with milk and white choc chips)
  • salted caramel (2 layers of squidgy brownie with gooey, liquid caramel in the centre, all the way through - our best seller)

*Please note that these flavours are subject to availability and may change between the placement of your order and when we ship the box to you. Check with us if you're not sure!*

Serves 6-8.

Each bite measures 3.5x3.5cm. 

SHELF LIFE: Brownies have a shelf-life of upto 1 week in a cool cupboard, and 2 weeks if refrigerated. Brownies containing fresh fruit last for 3-5 days at room temperature. Brownies last for 3 months if frozen (wrap up very well). 


Time for the boring (but crucial) part!

We now use DPD to get brownies to you.

The cost of delivery anywhere in the UK is included in the price. For deliveries to EU destinations, please shoot an email to

We try to deliver on the nominated day or soonest day following an order, but we can’t guarantee delivery dates. It can take us up to 5 working days to process orders, so please consider this when ordering.

During the summer months, we will avoid dispatching brownies on Friday. This means that if you want to receive your brownies on Monday, we will deliver them on either the Friday before, or the Tuesday after your requested delivery date.

If you choose a Monday delivery, we aim to email you asking when you would prefer to receive your package, but if you already know then please tell us in the notes section!

DPD will send you a text and email on the morning of the delivery telling you a 1-hour delivery window. If this doesn’t work for you, choose from several options to get your hands on those delicious brownies.

Please include a phone number AND email address for the recipient. If you don’t, we can’t accept responsibility for late deliveries:  giving our courier a way to reach you is vital for a successful delivery.

  • Allergens:

    All brownies contain gluten (wheat), eggs, milk.

    Peanut butter contains peanuts

    Does not contain: meat, alcohol