Classics Brownie Selection Box

25 bites of everyone's three favourite flavours:

Salted Caramel  - 2 layers of our fudge brownie with a gooey liquid salted caramel centre

Peanut Butter - Indulgent peanut butter brownie topped with smooth PB & peanut brittle

Triple Chocolate - Dark chocolate brownie with milk & white chocolate chips with everything on top

 ALLERGENS: gluten, nuts, nut traces, dairy, eggs, soya

Does not contain: meat, alcohol


Keep sealed and out of sunlight: Brownies have a shelf-life of 2 weeks at room temperature, and an extra week if refrigerated. They last for 3 months if frozen.

Each bite measures 3.5 x 3.5 cm. You will get 8 bites of each flavour and then one extra bite of one flavour (each box will vary and sadly it's not possible to choose).

Serves 6-8. 


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