The Best Brownie Desserts To Serve This Christmas

Not sure what to dish up on the Big Day? Thankfully, the Christmas dessert table isn’t limited to just traditional puddings and fruit cake anymore. If you’re after something a little more chocolatey and indulgent, you’ll definitely want to grab a brownie dessert or two to spice up your selection. You’ve still got time to order (see our delivery dates here!), so read on to discover our top picks and serving suggestions.


Salted Caramel Yule Log

Our Salted Caramel Yule Log is a bestseller every year, and for good reason. Unlike a regular yule log, inside you’ll find our signature fudgy brownie instead of boring old sponge. A river of our glorious, golden caramel sauce runs through the middle and oozes out in sexy slow-mo when you dig in. This log is best served chilled (to keep the caramel sauce firm), but we do recommend cutting it with a hot knife as it's quite the whopper.

Serving suggestion: Can’t get enough caramel? Drizzle a spoonful of our Salted Caramel Sauce over the top for extra-sticky, gooey goodness.


Christmas Brownie Bites Box 

Get three of your five Christmas flavours per day (it's our version of a nutritious diet) with our Christmas Brownie Bites Box. Featuring Mince Pie, Black Forest, and Gingerbread Latte, these joyful flavours will hit your guests right in the festive feels. Dish them up as nibbles, or turn them into a brownie stack for a real showstopper of a dessert.

Serving suggestion: Add a selection of bites to your dessert bowl, warm briefly in the microwave, and dollop on a touch of clotted cream.


Black Forest Yule Log

Packed with those rich, fruity, festive flavours we all know and love. Our brand-new Black Forest Yule Log features a swirl of pillowy white marshmallow and ruby red kirsch-soaked cherries encased in our signature dark chocolate brownie, while the chocolate-dipped outer layer has been dressed in chocolate swirls and freeze-dried cherries.

Serving suggestion: Make like Guygella and transform yours into a brownie trifle!


The Ambassador’s Golden Balls

Yep, it's our cheekily named tribute to the iconic Christmas chocolate, Ferrero Rocher. These gold-dusted balls are lovingly handcrafted from our signature dark chocolate brownie mixed with a handful of caramelised hazelnuts. They also contain layers of hazelnut praline, crispy wafer, and a real Ferrero chocolate at the centre. At approximately half a kilo in weight, there's plenty of brownie squidge to go around.

Serving suggestion: As per a reviewer's recommendation – briefly warm a slice in the microwave and add a dollop of ice cream on top.


Christmas Pudding Brownie Balls

One to keep the Christmas Pudding lovers happy. Combining the best of both traditional and alternative desserts, these pint-sized puds feature a velvety brandy butter centre encased in a layer of moist, dark chocolate brownie. Each chocolate-dipped shell has been drizzled in molten white chocolate, sprinkled in chopped pistachios, and crowned with a ruby red glacé cherry. 

Serving suggestion: Ready to dish up as is! There's plenty of brandy butter inside, so you won't be needing any extra.



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