The Bad Brownie Christmas Gift Guide 2021

There are few things more nerve-wracking in life than finding the perfect gift for Christmas. And that’s where Bad Brownie comes in. There’s not many people on this planet that don’t like chocolate, which means they’re basically guaranteed to love Bad Brownie, because we were founded by chocoholics for chocoholics, and therefore create the richest, fudgiest, most chocolatey brownies around. This festive season, we’ve rounded up our best brownie gifts for your nearest, dearest, and those you literally barely know (Secret Santa strikes again), so forget the Christmas present pandemonium and read on.  

Salted caramel yule log slices

Brownie Gifts For Mum

Apologise for all those years of being an absolute terror with a gift that’ll knock her socks off this Christmas... And that gift is none other than our Salted Caramel Yule Log. Yes, we are a little obsessed with it, because it’s probably the most indulgent and utterly divine brownie dessert we’ve ever created. It also feels like a little slice of luxury, courtesy of the lovely metallic finish which we created by garnishing the chocolate casing in edible gold dust. Unlike regular yule logs, this one was made using a super-chocolatey, fudgy brownie base, which we then rolled with our signature Salted Caramel Sauce for that gooey, golden centre. Truly a yule log fit for a queen, which we think you’ll agree all Mums are.

Breakfast in bed brownie

Brownie Gifts For Dad

What Dad doesn’t wake up on the weekend secretly dreaming of breakfast in bed? Well, he’s in for a treat with our limited edition English Breakfast Brownie. Yep, you heard us right – this unbelievably realistic brownie creation was such a hit that we’re bringing it back very soon in honour of English Breakfast Day. As the name suggests, we did indeed create this breakfast out of pure brownie (with a few creative liberties thrown in for the beans and egg – we’re not total magicians, you know). Either way, it's an impressive feat of brownie architecture, and one which we're sure will impress Dad on Christmas morning. 

Giant Ferrero Rocher brownie

Brownie Gifts For Your Partner

We challenge you to find any person that doesn’t love chocolate, but it’ll be literally impossible to find one that won’t love The Ambassador's Golden Balls. This novelty brownie is back for Christmas 2021, and it’s definitely the kind of thing that literally everyone would want to find under the tree this year. Aside from the fact that it’s a giant Ferrero Rocher-inspired brownie ball (need we say more?), we made it even more Instagram worthy by coating it in blingy gold dust and wrapping it up in metallic gold foil. This is what brownie dreams are made of.

Mug brownie kit

Brownie Gifts For Kids

What’s a gift that’ll be well-appreciated when it’s tipping it down, you’re lurking indoors, and the kids are bored? Enter our Brownie in a Mug Kit. Crammed with three delicious flavours – Triple Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and Biscoff – these DIY mug brownies are perfect for entertaining rambunctious offspring over Christmas and will be gratefully received by any frazzled parents. We’ve supplied the Bad Brownie mug and brownie batter ingredients; all you’ll need is butter, milk, and a microwave. Unfortunately these mug brownies won’t clear up after themselves, but any dish washing should (hopefully) be minimal enough that the little darlings can manage it.

Mince pie brownie bar

Brownie Gifts For Secret Santa

It’s Secret Santa time at work again, and you’ve drawn the name of that one colleague who’s literally a mystery to you – nightmare. Or is it? Here to save the day, our Brownie Bars make the perfect present for anyone whose gifting tastes you’re unsure of, plus they come in at a budget-friendly £6.99. These letterbox brownies are crafted from surplus brownie batter, so you’re also making sure that no delicious brownie bits are going to waste. Brownie bars are currently available in Biscoff flavour (a classic that everyone loves) and our limited edition mince pie flavour for Christmas. Shopping for Secret Santa has never been easier.

Vegan brownies

Brownie Gifts For Vegans

Don’t let your vegan pals miss out on our unbeetable brownies this Christmas – our range of vegan brownies is rooted in the belief that vegan food can be just as delicious, decadent, and more-ish as non-vegan food. This year we’ve introduced the Vegan Salted Caramel Yule Log to our Christmas brownies range, which will make a rather show-stopping present for the aspiring host with the most. Alternatively, our Vegan Brownie Bites Box makes an excellent stocking stuffer (just don't expect the lucky recipient to share).

Brownie Gifts For Corporate Clients

Why say it with something dull (a.k.a. non-edible) when you could say it with mouth-watering brownies? Keep your clients coming back for more with one of our delicious Brownie Boxes, which are brimming with a smorgasbord of flavours that cater to different tastes and dietary requirements. Whether you’re wooing them with Biscoff or capturing their attention with Salted Caramel, guarantee* that contract renewal with a brownie box from our range of Christmas gifts. If you're after something extra special, such as personalised gifts or bulk orders, chat to our Sales Team or visit our Corporate Gifts page for more information.

*Well, no guarantees, but brownies definitely can't hurt. 


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