Recipe: Percy Pig Brownie Cheesecake

Did you know that Percy Pig celebrates his big 3-0 on the 23rd of July? Yep, it’s been thirty years since this lovable sweet launched at Marks & Sparks, so we’re excited to bring you this oinkin’ good recipe just for the occasion.

Recipe: Percy Pig Brownie Cheesecake

Because what better way to celebrate Percy’s milestone birthday than with our epic Percy-meets-brownie cheesecake? This pig-ture perfect dessert features a brownie base with a raspberry-flavoured cheesecake layer topped in a pile of Percies.

This recipe is best prepared a day in advance, as you’ll need to set the cheesecake overnight.


  • 1x brownie slab (for the base)
  • 750g of cream cheese
  • 115g of caster sugar
  • 150ml of double cream
  • 10ml of vanilla essence
  • 250g of fresh raspberries
  • 1x bottle of Percy Pig dessert sauce
  • 1x 175g bag of Percy Pigs 


  1. Bake your preferred brownie recipe in a 23cm spring-form cake tin and allow it to cool completely before proceeding. Or, if you'd like to create a mini versions of this cheesecake, use our Vegan Raspberry Brownie Bars.
  2. In a bowl, beat the cream cheese, vanilla and sugar together. 
  3. Using a separate bowl, whip your double cream until you have stiff peaks and then fold it gently into your cream cheese mixture to combine.
  4. Using a handheld blender or the back of a fork, squish your raspberries into a purée, and swirl into your cheesecake mix alongside half a bottle of Percy Pig dessert sauce.
  5. Pour your cheesecake mixture on top of the brownie base. Place it in the freezer for at least 3 hours to set, although preferably leave it overnight.
  6. Once frozen, remove from the freezer and release the spring-form sides, keeping the base in place.
  7. Pour your remaining Percy Pig dessert sauce over the top of your cheesecake, using the back of a big spoon to push it towards to edge and create little drips down the side.
  8. Layer your cheesecake in Percy Pigs, before slicing up and serving.

5 things you didn't know about Percy Pig

  1. He’s a VIP(ig) today, but Percy’s path to success wasn’t always so sweet. Invented by then M&S product developer Julia Catton, everyone’s favourite farmyarder launched in 1992 to a lukewarm audience. In fact, customers were perplexed by Percy. What’s with the pig shape? Is he pig-flavoured? To combat the confusion, M&S started giving out free Percies in their shops until sales began to pork up.
  2. M&S sells a whopping 16 million bags of Percies per year. That’s the equivalent to 10 sweets per second. To keep up with the public pining for Percies, the brand has to produce at least 1 million sweets per day.
  3. Percy’s done a lot more in his short thirty years than we have, including getting married and having kids. According to M&S, Percy wed his one true love, Penny, in 2015 and had a litter of piglets shortly after.
  4. Percy's also more well-travelled than us. In 2014, he spent his gap year globetrotting around the world with his pals, the mango-flavoured Timmy Tiger and blackcurrant-flavoured Poppy Panda.
  5. Veggies around the world rejoiced in 2018 when M&S scrapped gelatine in favour of plant-based pectin instead, making the entire Percy Pig range fully vegetarian. And, as of May 2022, M&S has removed beeswax (listed as E901 on the packet), making Percy vegan-friendly also. On top of that, Percies are also gluten-free.
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