How To Boss Your Corporate Gifting This Season

Why is corporate gifting important?

Corporate gifting is such an easy and simple way to bring that personal touch back to your business, but it can be difficult to know what gifts to actually buy. A good gift can help your company stand out, make your clients feel appreciated, and ensure repeat business next year.

How to choose the perfect corporate gift

So, what’s the best corporate gift, you might ask?

  1. Something edible. No one wants to clutter up their house, shelves, or desk with some uninspiring knick-knack.
  2. Something sustainable. All our brownie boxes are recyclable, so you aren’t contributing to the issue of excessive Christmas waste.
  3. Something that caters to different tastes. We offer our luxury brownie boxes in tons of flavours – and not only that, but we also offer vegan, wheat free*, and no nuts** boxes.
  4. Something shareable. Okay, this one’s optional. But in the true spirit of Christmas, our gourmet brownie boxes are perfect for a recipient to share with family and friends.

What corporate gifts does Bad Brownie offer?

For the short answer, view our gifting brochure.

For the long answer... So. Many. Brownies. 

Naturally, we think a gourmet brownie box will go a long way to impress. Pretty much everyone likes chocolate, and our brownies also come in an extensive range of flavours and cater to multiple dietary requirements. Our brownies are the best in Britain (and probably the world), if we do say so ourselves. 

You can pick from any of the following amazing brownies for your gifting:

Barring our no nuts brownie box, all boxes are available in 12, 16, or 24 bite sizes.

Our brownie bites are perfectly proportioned at 3.5cm x 3.5cm, because they're so incredibly rich and flavoursome. 

Do you offer personalisation or bespoke gifts?

Your wish is our command! We can’t customise the contents of our boxes, but we can customise the boxes themselves. Options include:

  • Adding a logo sticker to the brownie box ⭐
  • Custom printed gift sleeves and boxes 🎁
  • Personalised gift notes included in each box 💌

Any custom packaging will take a little while for us to create and print, so make sure you get your order in ASAP.

How do I order?

Our Sales team would be delighted to help – just email us over at

Happy gifting, Baddies! 🎄


*Not suitable for coeliacs.

**Not suitable for individuals with nut allergies.

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