Flavour of the Week: Hazelnut Brownies

Meet our flavour of the week: hazelnut brownies. These brownies were inspired by Ferrero Rochers (of course), and it's now one of our bestselling flavours. If you're as passionate about this iconic Italian chocolate as we are, then read on to discover more fun facts about the Ferrero and how we created our fan-favourite brownie flavour.

Who invented the Ferrero Rocher?

The Ferrero Rocher originated in Italy, where it was created by Michele Ferrero in 1979. The chocolate's name is a combination of Mr Ferrero’s own surname and French word rocher, which translates to ‘rock’ or ‘boulder’. Mr Ferrero wasn’t the only chocaholic in his family; his father, Pietro, invented Nutella while running a small patisserie in Northern Italy.

Today, the company annually uses about 25% of the world's hazelnuts in its chocolates, with one of its factories producing around 24 million Ferrero Rochers per day. Few people have ever been allowed inside the company's factory and smartphones are banned – possibly because it took Michele Ferrero five years to perfect the process of creating the spherical wafer ball.

What’s inside a Ferrero Rocher?

If we’re really dissecting this, then the first thing a Ferrero Rocher confronts you with is its lovely shiny gold foil wrapper. We recommend not eating this layer. Once you’ve peeled off the wrapper, you’ll find that oh-so crunchy outer, which is a simple combo of smooth milk chocolate mixed with finely chopped hazelnuts. If you carefully crack open this chocolatey tomb, you’ll find a small wafer ball. It may look unassuming, but this wafer ball contains that famously delicious hazelnut chocolate cream – which may or may not be Nutella – and the heart of the Ferrero. That heart being a whole roasted hazelnut.

Giant Ferrero Rocher brownie

How do we make our hazelnut brownies?

We’ve probably mentioned it before, but we’re quite proud of how we integrate our flavours throughout our brownies – not just in the toppings. So for our hazelnut brownies, we tried to infuse that delicious hazelnut flavour throughout.

The base of the brownie is crafted from our signature dark chocolate brownie batter, blended with roasted, caramelised hazelnuts throughout. These hazelnuts are very finely chopped, so you won’t encounter any tooth-chipping hazards.

While our brownies are in the oven, we whip up our special feuilletine topping. If you don’t know what a feuilletine is, it’s quite literally tiny bits of crushed crispy crepe that help add a lovely crunchy texture to things. We mix our feuilletine with milk chocolate, buttercream, and ganache, and then spread it across the top of our brownies with a sprinkle of cocoa nibs for a proper bumpy finish. And then, finally, we dust the tops in gold so that they mimic that lovely shiny foil wrapper. 

Giant Ferrero Rocher brownie

How do we make The Ambassador's Golden Balls?

If you’ve been here a while, you might’ve noticed we made a giant hazelnut brownie egg for Easter. Our customers loved it so much that we re-introduced it for Christmas, this time as The Ambassador's Golden Balls. We’re not sure how we decided on the ball shape, but it’s as utterly delicious as our Easter edition. Both our Easter egg and our Christmas ball weigh a whopper half-kilo, making this one a brownie to remember.

At the heart of our Christmas ball is a real Ferrero Rocher, encased in a thick layer of Nutella-flavoured chocolate praline. Then we’ve encased that layer in an even thicker layer of our signature dark brownie, which has a bunch of finely chopped, caramelised hazelnuts mixed into it for added texture. Finally, after adding yet another layer of our hazelnut praline, our balls are dipped in silky smooth milk chocolate, cooled, and coated in a fine layer of edible gold dust.

Happy munching, Baddies! 🎅


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