Our New Christmas Brownie Collection Is Here!

For the past couple of months our chefs have been hard at work, squirrelling away at our top-secret Bad Brownie HQ to create the Christmas brownies of dreams. Even the most die-hard Scrooges won’t be able to resist that festive feeling when they tuck into our salted caramel yule logs, mince pie brownies, giant golden balls, and other indulgent treats...

Close-up of Salted Caramel Yule Log

What’s new this year?

Our Salted Caramel Yule Log is a fan favourite every year – so we’ve expanded our range to include a brand-new Vegan Salted Caramel Yule Log and Black Forest Yule Log.

If you’re a hardcore BB fan, then you might’ve got your hands on our giant brownie ball this Easter… Good news is, it’s back and better than ever with a thoroughly festive makeover (courtesy of copious amounts of edible gold dust). Meet The Ambassador's Golden Balls.

We’ve also added a new flavour to our Christmas brownie boxes – as well as Gingerbread Latte and Mince Pie flavours, we’ve now also got our Black Forest Brownies, which are available in our 12, 16, and 24-bite brownie boxes. Check out our flavour breakdown (and Team BB's favourites) below...

Close-up of Christmas brownies


Black Forest Brownies

"Black Forest is my favourite flavour because it’s the perfect combination of rich, dark, and almost bitter chocolate brownie with these really fruity bursts of cherry. I can't get enough of it."

– Paz, Co-Founder and Director 

The first Black Forest gateau recipe was published in the 1930s, although some historians reckon this rather iconic dessert could date back as far as the 1500s. We can all agree on one thing though – an authentic Black Forest recipe must include kirsch. It’s basically the law.

For those not in the know, kirsch is a German brandy made from fermented cherries that’s famous for its unexpectedly sour taste. It’s what creates the Black Forest cake’s signature mix of sweet and tart flavours. 

For both our Black Forest Yule Log and Black Forest Brownies, we’ve pre-soaked cherries in kirsch before roughly chopping them and stirring them into a rich dark chocolate brownie batter. Moisture from the fruit helps to create an even squishier, squidgier brownie texture once baked. You might say they’re uber-delicious...

Black Forest brownies

Mince Pie Brownies

“I’d hate to ever single out a brownie, but I have to say mince pie is definitely up there as one of my all time favourite flavours. It’s the ultimate combo of fruity and boozy – all in one moreish bite!”

– Mel, Social Media Manager

What’s the earliest, socially acceptable time you can start eating mince pies? Well, we don’t put such arbitrary rules on our brownies, especially not our mince pie brownies. If they weren’t part of our limited edition Christmas range, we’d eat them all year round.

To create our mince pie brownies, we get traditional mincemeat – that’s the juicy, fruity kind – and stir it into our brownie mixture, which creates extra-moist and fudgy brownies in the process. It also means you get that delicious mince pie flavour with even the tiniest of nibbles (although we doubt you’ll be able to resist a whole bite after).

Because mince pies are best served with a bit of booze (as are all things at Christmas), we topped ours in a thick slathering of brandy butter and a blanket of golden pastry crumbs. Even the mince pie non-believers will be converted.

Mince pie brownies

Gingerbread Latte Brownies

"To me, our Gingerbread Latte Brownies are Christmas. Warming spicy ginger is so symbolic of the festive season and pairs perfectly with dark chocolate – I love it." 

– Morag, Co-Founder and Director 

Is it even Christmas if you haven't indulged in a gingerbread latte yet? Luckily for you, we've introduced a new way to get your fix (that can be delivered straight to your door). Introducing our gingerbread latte brownies, which are lovely, light-hearted little brownie bites overflowing with festive flavour. Like a big, cosy winter hug. 

Our brownie recipes are a closely guarded secret, but this one involved infusing our batter with a generous helping of coffee and a sprinkling of crystallised ginger, the latter of which helps add a warm hint of spice to every mouthful. Then, on the top, we added a light coffee-flavoured ganache, white chocolate pearls, and a Pollock-style drizzle of chocolate (because we were feeling a little fancy).

Gingerbread brownies

Why our Christmas brownies?

All our Christmas products have been lovingly formulated and baked by our head chef and his creative kitchen team. We spent hours testing endless combinations of ingredients to conceive the perfect flavours, textures, and finishes in pursuit of the world’s best Christmas brownies. We don’t skimp on ingredients. You’ll find no oils here – only lovely creamy butters, plenty of chocolate, free-range eggs, and more.

After baking, cutting, and decorating our brownies, each box is hand-packaged by our wonderful ops team. This year, our boxes are dressed up in a gorgeous red Christmas sleeve that really finishes them off in true Bad Brownie style and makes them feel like even more of an indulgent treat. 'Tis the season after all!


Christmas brownie box packaging
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