Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

Survive the heatwave with our brownie ice cream sandwiches recipe – just in time for National Ice Cream Day this Sunday!


  • 2 brownie slabs (we recommend BBC Good Food's best ever brownies recipe baked in two 20cm square tins)
  • Ice cream (we've used a mix of clotted cream, chocolate brownie, and caramel cookie dough flavours that were kindly sent over to us by Jude's)
  • 300g of white chocolate
  • A tablespoon of Biscoff spread


Prep time: 15 mins to assemble, 3-4 hours for setting in the freezer

Serving size: 16 bite-size brownie sandwiches (5cm x 5cm) or 9 medium brownie sandwiches (6.5cm x 6.5cm)

1. Bake your brownies and allow them to cool fully before continuing.

2. Take the first brownie slab, top with your ice cream flavour(s) of choice, place the second brownie slab on top, and lightly press down to create your sandwich.

3. Place your brownie ice cream sandwiches in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours to allow them to set properly.

4. Prepare the chocolate coating by melting 300g of white chocolate with 1 tablespoon of Biscoff in the microwave. Melt in stages of 10 seconds, stirring each time to ensure the mixture is smooth.

5. Remove your ice cream sandwiches from the freezer and slice them into your preferred portion size. Dip each sandwich into the melted chocolate mixture, place on a tray, and return to the freezer for another few hours until set.

6. Enjoy alongside an iced coffee in the sun!

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