Brownie Gifts For Father's Day 2022

The Father's Day brownie box for difficult-to-buy-for dads.

Father’s Day is coming up, which means there’s only one thing on our minds: the conundrum of what to buy Dad. The cupboard’s already full of #1 Dad mugs, he’s got drawers bursting with socks, and your idea bank is starting to run low. Not to worry – we already did the heavy lifting when it comes to Father’s Day gifts (which was no mean feat, by the way). After much beer guzzling, crisp eating, dad dancing and football watching, we finally realised what dads love the most: that weirdly addictive combo of salty and sweet.

Snack Daddy is the name of our new, totally irresistible Father’s Day brownie box, because it’s crammed with the things dads love best: salty snacks. Think candied bacon, pretzels, peanuts and ready salted crisps – all those more-ish nibbles that dads go wild for. The perk of these salty snacks is also the amount of crunch they give, which works amazingly well with the squidge of our trademark fudgy, gooey brownies.

Because dads are total fiends for extra saltiness, we knew we had to take this Father’s Day treat box to the next level. We got in touch with our friends at Maldon (who’ve been harvesting the UK’s tastiest sea salt since 1882) and they kindly sent us samples of their bestselling sea salt flakes to sprinkle on our brownies. The flavour explosion of our brownies plus the sea salt was just too good not to be shared, so we decided to include a miniature tin of Maldon’s inside every Snack Daddy box. It’s the perfect way for dads to add just as much salt as they want to their sweet and salty brownie bites and take their fix to new heights.

Father's Day brownies

The new Father's Day flavours

Alongside our classic Biscoff and Triple Chocolate bites, the Snack Daddy box contains two addictive, salty-sweet new flavours created just for Father's Day.

Candied Bacon

OG Bad Brownie fans will remember our previous dalliances with bacon, like our brownie bar and our Breakfast In Bed brownie. Well, the good news is that the bacon’s back and potentially ever better than before! We don’t believe in saving bacon for fry-ups, in our opinion it’s a food that should be enjoyed at every available opportunity. To create our candied bacon brownie, we take juicy strips of bacon, coat them in brown sugar, and bake them until they’ve developed a lovely golden crust that’s sweet, chewy and melts in the mouth like butter. Then we press it in generous handfuls on top of our brownie, so that little dribbles of sweet and savoury juices ooze and infuse into our intensely chocolatey base.

Salty Dog

This brownie is crammed with pretzels, peanuts and ready salted crisps – basically all those snacks that make dads tick. But we couldn’t just call it pretzel, peanuts and crisps (because that’s just a mouthful and sort of boring) so we called it the Salty Dog instead. To make it, we crushed up the aforementioned savoury snacks and stirred them into our lovely, velvety dark chocolate brownie batter, before baking it to the perfect level of sink-your-teeth-in fudgyness. Then, because we don’t do anything by halves and that includes not being stingy with toppings, we grabbed even more pretzels, peanuts and crisps and scattered them over the top of our freshly baked brownies.

Father's Day brownies

Father's Day Brownie Delivery

We know dads are busy people, which is why we're offering multiple delivery options for Father's Day:

  • Next Working Day Delivery – £4.99 (order by 2pm Monday to Friday)
  • Friday 17th June Delivery – £4.99 (order by 2pm on Thursday 16th)
  • Saturday 18th June Delivery – £9.99 (order by 2pm on Friday 17th)
  • Father's Day Delivery – £9.99 (order by 2pm on Friday 17th)


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