A Bad Christmas With Guygella Lawless

You might’ve spotted a very special guest shaking her baubles on our socials recently… 👀

Introducing the one and only KWEEN of Christmas, the gorgeous Guygella Lawless. That’s right, Baddies. She’s fun, she’s festive, and she’s oh-so fabulous. She’s also here to help us sleigh the Christmas game with an exclusive Bad Brownie trifle recipe (of the delicious, extra-boozy variety). 🎄


Who is Guygella Lawless?

You’re probably dying to know where we found our gorgeous Guygella. We spotted the wonderful Olympia Avalanche on YouTube and were so besotted with her side-splittingly hilarious parody videos that we immediately knew we had to snap her up for our Bad Brownie Christmas campaign. Luckily, she said yes to working with us and we got down to (brownie) business. 

We had Guygella stir up a storm in our uber-festive kitchen  hands up, who spotted our cheeky 🍆 bauble? – making our epic Black Forest brownie trifle with lashings of booze. From caressing her kirsch-soaked ruby globules (that's cherries in Guygella-speak) to whipping up pillowy mounds of cream reminiscent of her ample bosom, Guygella served us pure sass with a side order of brownies. Now, Baddies, it's your turn.

👉 Head over to YouTube to watch the full video.

👉 Check out Guygella on our Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter accounts. Even naughtier things are coming, so keep your eyes peeled... 😉

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