5 awesome teacher gift ideas they'll be thrilled to receive

Nothing says star pupil like giving a teacher's gift they'll actually want. Because, let's face it, we all know a teacher who owns about 50 world's best teacher mugs that've been left to collect dust in the cupboard. We scoured the Internet to find the best gifts that will leave your child's teacher feeling extra-appreciated this school year.

1. A coffee gift card

All those late nights marking mean that coffee is a morning essential. A gift card for their nearest coffee shop will be much appreciated when it comes to grabbing those last-minute morning cappuccinos. Want to make your gift extra-special? Add on an elegant, reusable coffee cup – we love all the beautiful and colourful options from Chilly's.

2. A book subscription

What's the perfect way to unwind? Personally, we love kicking back with a book, and we think teachers definitely would, too. But choosing a book can be overwhelming, so a book subscription box is an awesome way to take the guesswork out. Reposed offers the ultimate self-care experience, with a female-authored book and several mini treats like tea and chocolate, while Hand Me Down takes the more sustainable route, offering low-cost subscriptions for gently used books.

3. A gourmet brownie box

We want our brownies to bring joy, a little moment of relaxation at the end of a busy day – and who could use that more than endlessly hard-working teachers? Our range of gourmet brownie boxes caters to a range of diets, including vegan, wheat-free, and sugar-free, and you can also personalise your box with one of gorgeous, glossy 'Thank you' gift sleeves for a thoughtful finishing touch.

We know budgets are tight at the moment, which is why we also have a range of chocolatey gifts under £15. We particularly love our letterbox-sized brownie bars for a moment of pure indulgence.

4. A house plant

House plants make you feel happier and less stressed (science says so), so they're pretty much an essential for any teacher. Patch Plants is brimming with gorgeous options, from super easy-care ferns to pet-safe plants. Gift your child's teacher good fortune in the form of a Chinese money plant, or brighten their home with the simple elegance of a Victorian era favourite: the parlour palm.

5. Personalised stationery

If there's any place where stationery is bound to go walkies, it's school. Make sure pens, pencils and notepads remain with their rightful owner by gifting your child's teacher their own personalised versions instead. We love Papier's bright and colourful notebooks and planners, as well as the simple, classic designs by Moleskine – and the best part is that all can be personalised with initials and names. 

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